Thursday, December 28, 2017

Paperfox FSD-1 taper applicator prototype with a stepper motor

The Paperfox FTD-1 tape applicator with conveyor belt is a successful product, but it needs compressed air. Now we created a tape applicator head with an electric stepper motor so the tape applicator can be used without compressed air.

Unfortunatelly the stepper motor is bigger than a pneumatic cylinder so this new tape application head needs more space than the pneumatic version.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Paper drill

We have manufactured a simple paper drill machine again.

The device is based on a cheap drilling machine, the waste paper is ejected through a side whole of a special insert.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Label applicator prototype

We have manufactured a prototype for applying self adhesive labels on a sheet of cardboard.
This labeling device based on the conveyor belt of the FTD-1 tape applicator.
The labeling heads are driven by a stepper motor so the device not needs compressed air for the operation.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Paperfox MPR-4 curtrain grommet machine

You can attach 40mm grommets to cutrain, textile drapery, truck canvas with this useful pedal operated device.


The print industrys event IPEX will take place in Birmingham again from 31. October.

Paperfox will exhibit die cutters, papaper punches at the stand nr.: N300L

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New improvements of FTD-1 Tape applicator

The Paperfox FTD-1 Tape applicator is a very popular new development from Paperfox.
This device is very versatile so we received several customer ideas to make the machine even more capable of doing more tasks.

Summay of improvements:

1. Gear motor

The old round belt transmission injured sometimes during delivery so we changed it to a more comact geared motor transmission.

2. Optosensor

At the early versions of Paperfox FTD-1 tape applicator the optosensor was fixed on a TD-1 tape applicator head. This was quite easy to use and easy to adjust, but had some limits: If the sheet on which the tape should be placed is not rectangular (for example: die cutted boxes) then the position of the optosensor often should be replaced.
Now we mounted the optosensor on a slider so you can move it in cross direction. The longitudinal position can be compensated with the digital controller.

3. Additional paper guides

The slider for the optosensor can be used for fixing other elements (paper guides, other type of optosensor...) as well. We fixed two aditional paper guide to ensure the smooth movement of the paper under the applicator heads.

4. Teflon coated rollers

The sticky side of double sided self adhesive tapes can contaminate the guiding rollers. We've put feflon surface on the rollers to eliminate this issue.

5. Software improvements

Now you don't have to calculate the proper delays, you can set the tape laying positions in millimeters.

The delay time due to the position of the optosensor can be set digitally, you don't have to adjust the optosensor mechanically into the proper position.

Up to 10 program can be stored into the programming unit.

... and this is still not the end. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any idea about the improvement of this device.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to repair a business card slitter?

The most common failure of business card slitters, that the spindle (1) curves and the movable knife (3) jumps to the other side of the fixed knife (2). This is happens usually because a too heavy cardboard sheet (6) or if there are more sheets forwarded into the machine.

The solution of this problem is not so easy: If you reposition a knife to the original position the springs (4) pushing the other knives out of the proper position.

I show a possible solution for this problem on a Cyklos visit card slitter. (The other visit card slitters are usually similar.)

If you disasamble the knife block you can remove the movable knives to the desired position.

 You can fix the movable knives in this position with a piece of nut or bolt as in the photo.

Assamble the knife block, remove the nuts and you can use your favourite visit card slitter with great joy.